Aussie Seeds Sells Cannabis Seeds Shipped Inside Australia

Cannabis Seeds Shipped Inside Australia. Aussie Seeds is Australia's Only Legit Seed Bank Shipping Cannabis Seeds Domestically. We have a 100% No Worries Delivery Guarantee. Just process your order in Amsterdam where its legal to accept payments, then sit back and relax while your local postie comes with your stealth package filled with Australia's best cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Shiped Via AU Post Inside Australia

Your regular mail order will arrive via your local postie in Australia. We are the oldest seed bank in Australia. Please feel free to ask around about us, word-of-mouth is the best source for our reviews.

Feminised Seeds Free With Your Order - TODAY ONLY

If you're super extra lucky, we will include Feminized Seeds for your Australian Climate. Many seed banks only offer regular Cannabis Seeds and not even as freebies. Order 1-3 seed packs today and get your own feminised seeds absolutely free.

Fat, Fully Mature Dark Seeds. 100% Germination

We offer fat, fully matured Australian Cannabis Seeds. We have the Number #1 best cannabis breeders in Australia and he has developed many cup winning strains.

Super Stealth Shipped Designed Beyond Australian's Needs

Super Stealth Shipping to keep your seeds private from your parents opening your package. They won't find anything, it may even take you 1o minutes to find your seeds, as they are all well hidden in our stealth packaging.

Australia's Oldest Cannabis Seed Bank

We are Australia's oldest cannabis seed bank, in business for over 18 years and serving Australia, New Zealand, USA stealth deliveries and the rest of the world.

Australia's Largest & Safest Payment Options For Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online

Australia's only Legitimate Seed Bank Shipping Inside Australia using AU Post. Get your seeds delivered super stealth. We accept almost any form of payment, from Bitcoins, Western Union, Credit Cards, Bank Cards, Money Orders etc... Just choose what works best for you during checkout.

Australia's Latest Cannabis Strains In Stock

We are the first to carry strains like Nurse Crackie, Aussie Blues and the famous high THC strain where the plant lookes like it was bronzed in gold, her name is Pot of Gold. Enjoy our rainbow kush, green crack, and our famous White Widow XTRM (Extreme Version of an already famously potent strain)

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